Download the Power KPI extension for Qlik Sense!
The PowerKPI is absolutely free to use on Qlik Sense Desktop. If you want to try the extension before purchasing a subscription on Qlik Sense Enterprise server, you will have to install and activate it for trial use. Read "Activation" for more details.
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Become a PowerKPI Partner - shift your Qlik Sense business to the next gear:

Implement more customer requirements with Power KPI functionality
  • Over-satisfy new customers with actionable dashboards
  • Avoid need in web development with custom formatting capabilities.
  • Use advanced table design and cycle group capabilities
Shorten delivery time, increase user adoption and avoid web-development
  • Tell the whole story on a single page
  • Reduce number of clicks
  • Build self-explaining dashboards with pop-up help
Shift your profits to a new level
  • Leverage competition with extended capabilities
  • Drive more revenue via customer's loyalty
  • Breathe new life into relations with your existing customers

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